Laura Engle

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Laura (Margaret2, John1) daughter of Margaret and Robert Engle, Sr. was born August 8, 1827, in Royalton, Ohio. She was twin sister to Austin Engle.

School terms were short and school privilege few in her childhood. But a pioneer home was a good place in which to train a child, and there were many pleasures as well as many privations. When she grew to womanhood she was for several years employed as a seamstress in the homes of wealthy people in Cleveland. Ill health compelled her to give up work and return to Royalston. For 30 years her home was with the family of her sister, Mrs. Amoret Enos. During more than 30 years she suffered from consumption. Miss Engle was a member of the Disciple church in Royalton.

She was an amiable, affectionate disposition and bore up very patiently during the long years of suffering and deprivation. She died March 24, 1891.

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