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b. 1803, Laurel Sock, Pennsylvania
d. September 17, 1862, Waterville, Ohio

Rebecca Shepherd, (Rebecca2, John1) the seventh of the children of John Shepherd, was born in Laurel Sock, Pa. in 1803. When she was about two years old her parents removed to N.Y. Her mother died in 1806, leaving Rebecca and two younger sisters in the care of their sister, Margaret.

Rebecca's home was in Canandaigua until she was about 20 years of age. She and her younger sisters then went to Royalton, Ohio, to rejoin their father, and sister, Mrs. Margaret Engle, who had gone in 1816 to seek a home in the forest a few miles south of Cleveland, Ohio.

She was married to Asa Burroughs, who was then a resident of Cleveland. The date of their marriage is unknown, but it was during the winter of 1823-4. Mr. and Mrs. Burroughs made their home in Cleveland. Mrs. Burroughs was a member of the Christian (Disciple) church. In disposition she was cheerful and very tender-hearted. A niece of her says that she was always looking out for orphan children. This niece tells how she, herself an orphan, was befriended by Aunt Rebecca and a place found for her in a better home. She is said to have been a strict disciplinarian, and a hard worker. In personal appearance she was well built, light complexioned, with blue eyes. She and her husband, who was dark complexioned, are said to have been a fine looking couple at their marriage.

Mr. Burroughs died July 20, 1852, in Cleveland, of cholera after an illness of five hours. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Burroughs spent much of her time with her son, George W. Burroughs, in Lafayette, Ind. While on her way to visit her children in Cleveland, she was taken ill and died at Waterville, Ohio, September 17, 1862. Her remains rest beside those of her husband in Erie Street Cemetery, Cleveland.


George Washington, b. Feb. 3, 1825, d Nov. 4, 1892.

Angeline, b. 1827, d. 1901.

Lucy, b. 1829, d. ____.

Sabrina C., b. Mar. 6, 1831, d. Oct. 6, 1904.

Helen, b. 1833, d. ____.

William H., b. Aug. 8, 1835, d. Dec. 23, 1858.

Seymour, b. Apr. 24, 1838, d. Dec. 12, 1894.

Mary, b. 1841, d. Nov. 28, 1866.

Sarah, b. 1843, d. ____.

Frances b. Sept. 10, 1845, d. Dec. 28, 1885.

The children were all born in Cleveland.

Angeline Burroughs Morse Bishop

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Angeline Burroughs (Rebecca2, John1) was the oldest daughter of Rebecca and Asa Burroughs. She was born in 1827 in Cleveland, Ohio, where she resided until her marriage, in 1844, to William Morse, of Bedford, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. They made their home in Bedford. Four children were born to them. The first died in infancy. A son, James Morse, grew to be a young man and then went to LaPorte, Ind. There he married and it is reported that he has three children. But as no reply was received to the numerous letters addressed him, we can give no record of himself and family. The third child, a daughter, Nell, died in childhood.

The youngest child, Cora, grew to womanhood in her mother's home in Bedford. She married William Post, of Hudson, Ohio. Two children were born to her, but both died in infancy. Mrs. Post died at her home in Hudson, in 1903.

William Morse died in 1874. Mrs. Morse then married Hiram Bishop. He died in 1885. Mrs. Bishop died in 1901. She was a member of the Christian or Disciple Church.

Lucy Burroughs Elliott

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Lucy (Rebecca2, John1) was the second daughter of Rebecca and Asa Burroughs. She was born in 1829 in Cleveland, Ohio, where her girlhood was spent. She married James Elliott. They removed to Flint. Mich. Here eight children were born to them, all of whom died young. The first three children were named Nellie, Harry, and Kate. The names of the others are unknown.

Mrs. Elliott and her husband died in Flint, Mich., but the dates of death are unknown.

Helen Burroughs Pratt Lewis

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Helen Burroughs (Rebecca2, John1) was the fifth child of Rebecca and Asa Burroughs. She was born in 1833, in Cleveland, Ohio. Her first husband was named Edward Pratt. Two children, Clarence and George, were born to them, but both died in infancy. Mr. Pratt was a theatrical manager. He died in Erie, Pa. Mrs. Pratt married, for her second husband, Horatio Lewis, of Cleveland. They moved to Chicago, Ill. Mr. Lewis became interested in beef packing business. He invented some appliances used in dressing cattle, and became wealthy. As reported to us, eight children were born to them, but five died in infancy.

Ida, Maude and Albert lived.

After the death of Mr. Lewis, the family went to England, and the son, Albert, entered Oxford University. He died in England, but was interred in Chicago. The family returned to Chicago. Ida Lewis married Raymond Eddy. She has two children, Kenneth and Raymond Eddy.

Maude Lewis married a Dr. Lewis in Chicago. She died without children. Mrs. Helen Pratt Lewis died many years ago in Chicago.

Mary Burroughs

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Mary Burroughs (Rebecca2, John1) was the eighth child of Rebecca and Asa Burroughs. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1841. The month and day of her birth are not known. Her life was spent in Cleveland. While visiting her sisters in Chicago, Ill., she was taken ill and died Nov. 28, 1866. Her remains lie buried in Erie St. Cemetery, Cleveland, beside those of her father and mother.

She was a beautiful girl and possessed a lovely disposition. At the early age of 25 years her earthly life ended.

Sarah Burroughs Glaze

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Sarah Burroughs (Rebecca2, John1) was the ninth of the children of Rebecca and Asa Burroughs. Brief and incomplete is the record we can secure of her life. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, probably in 1843. Her girlhood was spent in that city. She was married in ____, Ind., to John Glaze, who was born in _____. They soon took up their residence in Chicago.

A niece of hers says: "I remember Aunt Sarah as a beautiful woman having a lovely disposition. She was a woman who hungered after motherhood. But that blessing was denied her. Continual brooding over her not having children unbalanced her mind and, although closely watched at all times, she one day eluded the watchful care of her friends and drowned herself in Lake Michigan."

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