William Shepherd

William Shepherd

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William Shepherd, (John1) son of John Shepherd, was born in 1795, at Williams Post, Pa. His home was at this place and at Laurel Sock, Pa., when his father moved to Canandaigua, N. Y. Here William grew to manhood.

About 1818 William and his two brothers visited their father and their sister, Mrs. Margaret Engle, in Royalton, Ohio. The young men were not satisfied with Ohio and continued their journey westward on foot to Cincinnati and southern Indiana. Mr. Shepherd purchased a farm in Southern Indiana and on this farm he resided until his death in 1865.

Mr. Shepherd was an intelligent, enterprising man. He was not a member of any church but one who knew him well writes that he never went to bed without saying his prayers.

He married Elizabeth Houston and to them were born seven children.









The dates of birth, marriage and death could not be learned.

Thomas died in one of the southern states while still a young man.

John married Miss Louisia Dunham. They had no children.

Henry married, but the name of his wife is unknown to us. Two sons and two daughters were born to them.

William took unto himself a wife and six sons were born to them. But there is no record of the children.

Martha, daughter of William Shepherd, had one son, but no record is found. Martha died about 1885.

Mary, youngest child of William Shepherd, died young and unmarried.

To Jane were born five children. Jane died in 1898.

The following is the record of her children:

William, who died aged 20 years.

Robert, who died aged 10 years.

Sampson, died age unknown.

Jane who is still living. (Edit. -- as of 1913)


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Henry Shepherd

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Henry (Jane3, William2, John1) was the youngest of the children of Jane Shepherd. He married and lived near Dillsboro, Ind. Six children were born to them. The first, a son, named William Everett; a daughter, named Blanche, and four daughters whose names are unknown. Blanche and her sister next younger are married. The three younger girls live with their mother in Dillsboro. Their father, Henry Shepherd, died in 1898.

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Blanche Shepherd Calvert

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Blanche (Henry4, Jane3, William2, John1)is the second child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shepherd. She was born near Dillsboro, Ind. She became the wife of Benj. J. Calvert. Mr. Calvert is the editor of a paper published in Dillsboro. They reside in Dillsboro, Ind.

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