Ancestors and Descendants of
Sarah Shepherd and William Gordon

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Dan Carpenter


Address: 5370 San Mateo BL NE #A17 Albuquerque, NM 87109

Specific line: From Sarah to daughter Margaret M. Gordon, to son John Elmer Engle, to son Chester Horace Engel, to son Ardys Engel, to son Don Carpenter, to me.

Janel Boudreau


Specific line: Sarah Shepherd to daughter Margaret M. Gordon, to son John Elmer Engle, to daughter Charlotte (Lottie) Pearl Engle, to daughter Wanda Lucille Pangborn, to me.

Judy Deller


Address: 1304 John McCain Road, Colleyville TX, 76034

Specific line: Descended from Sara Shepherd and William Gordon through their son John S. Gordon (married Emily Hannah Austin Ellis), their daughter Emma J. Gordon (married James Deller), their son Francis Elmer Deller (married Pearl V. Day), their son Frank Royal Dee Deller (married Vernice May Babcock) and me.

Pauli (nee Deller) Sears


Address: 204 Maddox Drive, Brentwood #61, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088

Specific line: From Sarah Shepherd to son John S. Gordon to daughter Emma J. Gordon. She married James Deller and they had four children, one of whom was William Roswell Deller. He married Mabel Luella Brown and they had 6 children.

Kenneth James Deller was born on Aug 18, 1911 in Gustin Township, MI. He married Thelma Lena Oldswager on Nov 4, 1933 in Flint, MI. They had 7 seven children, one of whom was me.

Elizabeth Kutz


Address: Arlington, Texas USA

Specific line: From Sarah Shepherd to daughter Margaret, to daughter Annie Augusta. Annie married James Albert French. His son Albert James French is my grandfather and is still living (97 years old, 2002).