Ancestors and Descendants of Margaret Shepherd and Robert Engle

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Beverly M. Engle


Address: 467 Oak Street, Jonesville, MI. 49250

Specific line: I am a relative of Margaret Shepherd and Robert Engle.

Jeffery D. Engle


Address: 457 East Chicago Street, Jonesville Michigan 49250-1005

Genealogy web page:

Specific line: Descendant of Margaret Shepherd and Robert Engle, as the line goes with Sharon Gail (Henry)Decker.... Her first cousin, my dad is John, Frankie's little brother.

Ken Schoonmaker


Genealogy web page: Magny Families Home Page

Specific line: From Margaret to daughter Amoret, to son Henry A. who married Ellen Manney.

Sharon Gail (Henry) Decker


Address: 511 East 18th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93305

Specific line: Our line is from our mother Frankie Alberta (Engle) Henry [Frank, Robert, Robert Jr., Margaret, John]. Always looking for more info about John Shepherd's background, (he's our revolutionary war ancestor for the DAR); also Engle, Grangers, Ottos, Fleetwoods, etc.

Matthew Lindsley


Specific line: From Margaret to son Robert, to daughter Lucinda, to son Floyd. I'm the grandson of Floyd S. Lindsley.