Shepherd Reunion Group

Adults sitting: R. N. Hodgman,   Viola Remington,   Simeon Enos,   William Engle, Almyra Engle,   Sabrina Odell,   Amoret Enos,   Angeline Bishop,   Julia A. Hodgman,   Ernest Engle.

Adults standing: Henry Carman,   Mary Crosby Beels,   Katherine Naaf Enos,   Maude Lawson,   Alice C. Stroud,   Marion Engle, Marietta Engle,   Adelaide Carmen,   Unidentified, Zulah Engle,   Albert Carman,   William Canniff,   Byron Orlando Stroud.

Three in second row: Frank Enos,   Henry Enos,   Martha Wyatte Enos.

Six children in front row and six adults in furthest back row, not identified.

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