William Wallace Burroughs

William Wallace Burroughs

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William Wallace (George3, Rebecca2, John1) the oldest child of George W. and Delilah Burroughs, was born at Lafayette, Ind., September 10, 1851. He was educated in the schools of his native city. He was married on January 2, 1872 to Miss Sophronie Ellen Julien. Miss Julien was the daughter of Alexander and Martha A. Julien and was born July 28, 1856, at Shannondale, Ind.

In 1881 Mr. Burroughs was appointed Deputy County Clerk of Tippecanoe County, Ind. So faithfully and with such ability did he discharge his duties that he was continued in this office until his death, a period of thirty years.

The following obituary of Mr. Burroughs, printed in the Lafayette Morning Journal of August 10, 1910, gives so full a record of his life that we give it in full:

The following tribute to the memory of William Wallace Burroughs was written by his daughter, Miss Zoelah M. Burroughs:


Zoelah Maria, b. May 29, 1875.

Ora, b. April 29, 1877, d. April 13, 1879.

Ray William, b. May 2, 1880, d. June 16, 1891.

Edna Sophronia, b. Aug. 26, 1882, d. Feb. 11, 1883.

Ruby Martha, b. May 29, 1887.

William Wallace, Jr., b. June 14, 1890.

Jean, b. May 16, 1893.

Zoelah Maria Burroughs Hoffman

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Zoelah Maria (William4, George3, Rebecca2, John1) oldest child of William W. and Sophronia Burroughs, was born in Lafayette, Ind., on May 29, 1875. She graduated from Lafayette High School in 1893. She taught in the Lafayette public schools as grade teacher, primary -- 1894-97. She attended the University of Illinois, specializing in art, English and pedagogy, 1897-98. She taught again in the Lafayette public schools, upper grades, 1898-1900. Then 1900-01, she attended Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y., Normal Art course. She was superintendent of art instruction in the Lafayette schools, 1902-11.

Miss Burroughs is a member of the Lafayette Art Club and a director of the Lafayette Art Association. She is a member of the First Baptist church of Lafayette and is an earnest worker in church and Sunday School. She is a quiet, retiring person and of a sunny, happy disposition. She is kind to all, and patient in her treatment of the erring.

Miss Burroughs was married on August 3, 1913, to James David Hoffman, who is a professor in the college located at Lincoln, Neb. Their home is in Lincoln.

Ruby Martha Burroughs Batt

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Ruby Martha (William4, George3, Rebecca2, John1) was born at Lafayette, Ind., May 29, 1887. She was graduated from Lafayette High School in 1903, and from Purdue University -- scientific course -- in 1907. Her thesis on the history of Fort Ouitenon, written for graduation, was preserved for historical reference by the Daughters of the American Revolution in Lafayette. She taught high school history, and was supervisor of music and drawing in the public schools of Otterbein, Ind. for one year. She taught drawing another year in Bosinell, Ind.

She was married October 28, 1909, at Lafayette, Ind., to William Loraine Batt, of Philadelphia, Pa., formerly of Lafayette, Ind. William Loraine Batt, son of George M. and Hattie M. Batt, was born at Salem, Ind., July 31, 1885. He was graduated from the Lafayette High School in 1902, and was graduated from Purdue University -- mechanical course -- in 1907. He was made a member of Tau Beta Pi fraternity.

He holds at present a responsible position with the Hess, Bright Manufacturing Company, of Philadelphia. He is a member if the M. E. church. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Society for Testing Material, the Association of Railway Electrical Engineers, and National Geographical Society.

Mrs. Ruby M. B. Batt is a member of the First Baptist church, Lafayette. She sang contralto in the quartet of St. John's Episcopal church of Lafayette for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Batt resided in Philadelphia, Pa. Their present address is 256 Mather Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. (1913)


Martha Loraine, b. July 28, 1910.

Barbara Burroughs, b. Jan. 5, 1912.

William Wallace Burroughs, Jr.

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William Wallace (William4, George3, Rebecca2, John1) was born June 14, 1890, at Lafayette, Ind. He graduated from the Lafayette High School and from Purdue University -- civil engineering course -- in 1912. He is a member of the Triangle Civil Engineering Fraternity. After his graduation he went to Philadelphia, Pa., and was employed by the W. W. Steete Company, architects and his present address (1913) is 2004 Mt. Vernon street, Philadelphia.

He is a member of the First Baptist church of Lafayette and was tenor singer in the quartet of the church there.

Jean Burroughs

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Jean, (William4, George3, Rebecca2, John1) youngest child of William Wallace and Sophronia Burroughs, was born in Lafayette, Ind., May 16, 1893. She was graduated from the Lafayette High School in 1911. She studied piano at the Leeson-Hille Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, Pa., the winter of 1911-12.

She is a member of the First Baptist church of Lafayette. Her present address is 1308 N. 16th street, Lafayette.

Of the home life of the family of William Wallace Burroughs, Miss Zoelah says: "We children were brought up out of doors. We skated, coasted, rowed and paddled in the Wabash since we were old enough to know. Consequently we all love the woods, the birds and the water. We always had music at home -- plenty of it. We sang together and had an orchestra in which all took part but mamma. Nothing pleased papa more at home than a beautiful harmony in which all of us took part. Mamma was the audience. We were brought up with stories and with Santa Claus. Papa was the annual Santa Claus in church and mission, and he made a splendid one. He was stockily built and made up well without a mask. He was so fond of children that he knew just how to please them."

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