Olonzo Engle and wife Mary

Olonzo Engle

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Olonzo Engle (Margaret2, John1) was born in Royalton, Ohio, December 22, 1824. He was the third son of Margaret and Robert Engle. His boyhood days were spent at his father's home in Royalton amid the pleasures and hardships incident to the life of a pioneer boy. Soon after reaching the age of 21 years he went to Scipio, Hillsdale County, Mich. Here on November 15, 1848, he married Margaret Elizabeth Williamson. She was the daughter of Peter and Peggy Williamson and was born in Richfield, N. Y., February 18, 1831.

Mr. and Mrs. Engle made their home in Scipio. Two daughters were born to them. Five happy years passed and then this happy home was broken up by the death of the young mother, on the anniversary of her wedding, November 15, 1853.

In 1854 Mr. Engle was married to Miss Mary Odell. In 1856 he went to Mattoon, Ill., and was there employed during the construction of the Illinois Central Railroad through that section. He returned to Scipio, Mich., for a time and in 1858 went to Royalton, Ohio.

In 1859 he moved with his family to Igo, Shasta County, Calif., where he made his home. He visited Alaska in 1862, and spent a few months in Oyhee, Idaho, in 1864.

In politics Mr. Engle was a Whig, then a Republican. He voted for Abraham Lincoln in 1860, being one of three men in their town containing 83 voters who dared to go to the polls and vote, as a party of desperadoes had threatened to shoot any man who voted for Lincoln. He was postmaster in his town for many years.

He died at his home in Igo, Shasta County, Calif., March 29, 1910.

His wife died September 15, 1911.


By First Wife

Mercelia Agnes, b. June 8, 1851.

Rosa Margaret Elizabeth, b. Sept. 1, 1853.

By Second Wife

William Shepherd, b. Sept. 1, 1858.

Mary Adeline, b. Sept. 13, 1871.

Olonzo, b. Sept. 13, 1871, d. Aug. 1879.

William Shepherd Engle

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William Shepherd (Olonzo3, Margaret2, John1) was the oldest child of Olonzo Engle and his wife, Mary. He was born in Royalton, Ohio, September 1, 1858. In 1860 his mother and he went to Igo, Cal. to join his father who had gone the year before to seek a home in the land of gold.

His early years were spent in his father's home. In 1881, being 23 years of age, he left home to seek his fortune. For a few years he sent occasional letters home. The last letter received by his family told them that he was about to start for a new mining field. No message has been received from him since, a period of 28 years, and the family has long since regarded him as among the dead.

He was educated in the public schools at Igo. He was a fine player on piano, organ or violin. After leaving home he played in churches at Ogden and at Salt Lake City.

Mary A. Engle Peterson

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Mary Adeline (Olonzo3, Margaret2, John1) is the only daughter of Olonzo and Mary Engle. She was born September 13, 1871 in Igo, Cal. Her twin brother, Olonz, when eight years old was so badly burned as to cause his death. She attended public schools in Igo. On October 23, 1889, she was married to Walter E. Peterson.


Charles, b. July 21, 1890.

Mary Selina, b. Jan 31, 1892.

William, b. Sept. 8, 1894.

George, b. Aug 11, 1898.

Dorothy, b. Feb 26, 1908.

The children with the exception of Mary Selina are unmarried and reside at home.

Mary S. Peterson Baker

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Mary Selina (Mary4, Olonzo3, Margaret2, John1) is the second child of Mary Adeline and Walter E. Peterson. She was born in Igo, Cal., January 31, 1892. She attended the school in her native town. On December 22, 1910, she became the bride of Carl Baker.

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