Ernest William Engle

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Ernest William Engle, (William3, Margaret2, John1) only son of William and Almira Engle, was born in Middleburgh township April 16, 1850. He received his education in the district school in Middleburgh and at Baldwin University, Berea.

He was married July 6, 1870, to Annie Eliza Brown, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Mackendy Brown of Berea, Ohio. He worked in stone quarry on his father's farm until 1885. After that time he engaged in various enterprises. He drilled several gas wells in his own township and at Green Springs, Ohio. He went west and was employed for a time in stone quarries in Iowa and Missouri. In 1887 he moved to Cleveland and accepted a position as foreman in the construction of the second Cleveland Water Works Tunnel. When this tunnel was completed he accepted a similar position in the construction of the Chicago Water Works Tunnel. He was afterward employed on large contracts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

He returned to Cleveland in 1897 and became a foreman in the construction of the third water works tunnel of that city. He was deeply interested in tunnel work and although the work was of so dangerous a character he seemed to know no fear. The shaft where he was employed was 120 feet deep. Over one mile of the great five-mile tunnel under Lake Erie had been successfully completed without an accident when, as Mr. Engle and eight workmen were eating their lunch, there was a terrific explosion in the tunnel. None of the party were killed outright but they were so badly wounded, burned and poisoned with gas that they died soon after reaching the hospital. Mr. Engle lived until the following morning when he died, May 12, 1898. His widow resides in Cleveland.


Irving Clark, b. Dec. 14, 1870.

Sherman, b. April 26, 1872, d. May 3, 1872.

Zulah Monetta, b. July 9, 1875.

Irving Clark Engle

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Irving Clark Engle (Ernest4, William3, Margaret2, John1) was born in Berea, Ohio, December 14, 1870. He received his education in the district schools of Middleburgh and in the Union School of Berea. He then accepted a position with the Consolidated Rolling Stock Co. of Toledo, Ohio, and remained with them one year. Returning to Cleveland he entered the employ of J.C. Decumbe, a grocer.

On August 20, 1890, he entered the service of L. S. & M. S. Ry. Co. as a freight brakeman. In November, 1899, he was promoted to conductor and still holds that position. He was married December 14, 1892 to Miss Anna Charlotte Rauch of Cleveland, Ohio. Their home is Toledo, Ohio. Mrs. Engle has been an efficient secretary of the Shepherd-Engle reunion and has done much toward aiding in the production of the Shepherd-Engle history.

Mrs. Engle's mother was Miss Anna Elizabeth Mellert, born in Baden, Germany, March 17, 1850. Her father, George Brauch, was born at Brooklyn, N.Y., July 18, 1847.

Mr. Engle is a member of the Order of Railway Conductors, the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and the Knights of Pythias.

He is a social, genial man and loved by a large circle of friends.


Clifford Gordon, b. Sept. 7, 1893.

Clifford Gordon Engle

Clifford Gordon Engle

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Clifford Gordon (Irving5, Ernest4, William3, Margaret2, John1) was born September 7, 1893, in Toledo, Ohio. He passed through the public schools of Toledo, graduating from high-school June 13, 1913. He entered the University of Michigan in October and will take the course in horticulture and forestry. Clifford has been a member of the Broadway M. E. S. S. since he was three years of age. For four years he has been captain of the S. S. basketball team. He has been a member of the Y. M. C. A. for five years and is on the board of directors of the Y. M. C. A. boys' club.

Zulah M. Engle Beale

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Zulah Monetta Engle (Ernest4, William3, Margaret2, John1) was born July 9, 1875, in Middleburgh, Ohio. She received her education in the district schools of Middleburgh township and the public schools of Cleveland. She then took a business course in the Ohio Business University.

For six years she was employed as a stenographer by the firm Sterling, Welch and Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

She was married on July 12, 1899, to Edwin A. Beale, who was born at Redbank, Pa. He was a foreman at Brown Hoisting & Conveying Machinery Co. and had been in the employ of that company ever since he was old enough to begin work.

Mr. and Mrs. Beale were members of the Wade Park Avenue M. E. church in Cleveland. Mr. Beale was an earnest S.S. worker, and licensed as a local preacher. At last he decided to enter the ministry and is now an ordained minister. He is stationed at Huntington, Ohio, and has charge of the church in that village and also two other churches in adjoining towns in his charge. He now preaches in three churches each Sabbath. Mrs. Beale is an earnest co-worker in the church at Huntington.


Ernest Engle, b. Aug. 21, 1900.

Irma Monetta, b. Sept. 4, 1904.

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