Amoret Engle Enos

Amoret Engle Enos

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Amoret (Margaret2, John1) was the ninth of the children of Margaret and Robert Engle, Sr. Her earthly life began in the log home of her father in Royalton, Ohio, April 10, 1831. Her childhood was spent amid the hardships and privations and also the pleasures of a pioneer home. She fitted herself to teach and taught for a time in the schools of Royalton. She was married Dec. 16, 1850, to Simeon Enos of Royalton, who was born Feb. 2, 1823. Mr. Enos was a cooper and followed that occupation so long as he was able to work. Mr. and Mrs. Enos built their home on a part of the Engle farm not far from the house where Mrs. Enos was born. Mrs. Enos was a member of the Disciple church and was a sincere Christian. She was a woman of much natural ability, not self-assertive in manner, but amiable and pleasing.

She died March 4, 1897, in the hope of a blissful immortality. Her husband died May 31, 1894.


Charles, b. Aug. 28, 1851.

Frank, b. Oct. 11, 1855.

Henry A., b. Mar. 30, 1862.

Simeon E., b. Sept. 24, 1864.

Frank Enos

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Frank, (Amoret3, Margaret2, John1) the second son of Amoret and Simeon Enos, was born in Royalton, Ohio, Oct. 11, 1855. After his school days ended he learned the wagonmaker's trade.

He was married in Hinckley, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1883, to Miss Martha Wyatte, who was born in Royalton, July 15, 1853. Miss Wyatte taught school for eight years previous to her marriage.

They lived in Brecksville, Ohio, from April, 1884, to April, 1887. They spent a year in Berea, Ohio. From there they went to Oakland, Md., on the crest of the Alleghany Mountains, where they resided five years. They returned to Ohio in 1893, settling at West Richfield, where they still reside. As they own their home and a little farm there they will doubtless spend the rest of their days in West Richfield.

They were for several years actively engaged in church and Sunday school work. They are members of the Grange.

They have no children.

Henry A. Enos

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Henry A. (Amoret3, Margaret2, John1) is the third child of Amoret and Simeon Enos. He was born Mar. 30, 1862, in Royalton, Ohio, where he attended the public school. For a time he and Charles Enos were in partnership in the butcher business. In 1894 he was married to Miss Ellen Manney, but five years later they separated. They had no children. In 1900 Mr. Enos entered the service of the Cleveland Electric R.R. Co., and is still in their employ as motorman. He resides with his brother Charles Enos, in Cleveland.

Simeon E. Enos

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Simeon E. (Amoret3, Margaret2, John1) is the youngest son of Amoret and Simeon Enos. He was born Sept. 24, 1864, in Royalton, Ohio. His life so far has been spent in that place. He attended the district school until old enough to learn blacksmithing and has worked at the blacksmith's trade since.

He was married April 28, 1898, to Miss Marcia A. Zerbe, who was born in Royalton, Sept. 29, 1872. She is the daughter of William and Sarah Thorpe Zerbe. Mr. and Mrs. Enos live on a part of the original farm of Robert Engle.

They have no children.

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