Ursula Shepherd Bovard

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Ursula Shepherd (James2, John1) the second daughter of James and Jane R. Shepherd, was born September 14, 1825, in Dearborn County, Ind. On May 26, 1844, she became the bride of Isaac C. Bovard, a farmer, who was born October 31, 1817 in Hamilton County, Ohio. Their home was in Dearborn County, Ind. She died May 24, 1892. Mr. Bovard died June 27, 1872.


Olive, b.____

Elwood, b.____

Coleman, b.____

Julia Lorain, b.____

Viola, b.____

Viola Bovard Barker

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Viola (Ursula3, James2, John1) is the youngest daughter of Ursula Shepherd and Isaac C. Bovard and was born near Rising Sun, Ind. She was married to Harvey Barker on September 10, 1884. They reside at Vevay, Switzerland County, Ind.


Cassie, b. ____.

Kate, b. ____.

Christine, b.____.

Ursula, b. ____.

Herbert, b. ____.

Rachel, b.____.

Robert, b.____.

Cassie married Lorie Houze. They have two children.

Kate Barker is married to John Bovard. They have one child.

Christine Barker became the wife of John Miles.

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