This book has been written to gather up the fragments of our family history that nothing be lost. So that every one having the Shepherd blood in his veins may know whence it came, and may be able to derive some moral and spiritual help from the examples of many who being dead yet speak to all who value the lessons of the past and are able to profit by the experience of those who have gone before.

We wish to preserve in our homes the records of our ancestors, not that we may worship their names, but that we may cherish in our hearts any valuable traits we have inherited from them, and avoid, if possible, any of the faults and follies into which they may have fallen.

Many have long waited for this volume, and perhaps some have grown impatient over the delay. Few persons have any adequate idea of the labor required to complete the work. The compiler has given his labor without expecting any compensation but the satisfaction of perpetuating the memory of the good, most of whom have gone to their reward, and in the hope that the examples here exhibited may aid many in future generations to prove themselves worthy descendents of an honored ancestry.

No one can be more sensible of the defects and errors in this volume than the compiler, who has given so much time and labour to the preparation of it. Some letters sent him were written so carelessly that one had to guess at the letters in the names. Sometimes two or three persons sending records of the same family gave different names and dates for the same person or the same event. How was he to know which was correct?

Several blank pages have been added to the book that each family may correct errors that may have been made, and also that they may record for themselves changes which may occur in future years.

And now this volume is sent forth to the many relatives whom, not having seen, yet in writing the records of their lives, your compiler has learned to love.


Brooklyn Station,
Cleveland, Ohio,
R. F. D. 1

Dec 1, 1913.


I'm Bonnie Nilsen, the web designer/developer who has put together this website about John Shepherd. This is the third iteration of the site. I first made one around 1999 and then another in 2011.

The information on these pages is taken from a history of the John Shepherd family published in 1913 in Cleveland, Ohio. The book was given to me by my father, Frank Nilsen, and was passed on to him by his mother Hazel Putt Nilsen.

You can access my ongoing work at WikiTree: Nilsen Family or Ancestry: Nilsen Family

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