John Shepherd Commemoration

Transcription of a Petition for Pension found by Charles Phebus and available at his website as:

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Folder around John Shepherd pension documents

(this looks as if it may have been folded or a wrapper around the other documents)

John Shepherd
Petition for Pension
March 6, 1832

Refer to form Rev. Pension
May 14, 1832 Committee to List

Kavanaugh 3 ____ ____
___________ Rev. Pens.

John Shepherd pension documents 1

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives
in Congress Assembled

Your humble petitioner John Shepherd, now residing
in the county of Cuyahoga and state of Ohio,
beg leave to represent that I was born at a place
near the city of Philadelphia called Chesnut Hill
on the 16th of March 1729, and that on the 16th of March
insuing I shall be 103 years old. That in the French
war I enlisted and served in Capt. Beaslys company
of Pennsylvania, during the campaign in which
Gen. Braddock was defeated at when defeat I was
present as a soldier, and acted the part of a
drummer in said company. That in the spring
of the year 1776, I enlisted and served, for the period
of one year in the 2nd Regiment of the Pennsylvania
line, commanded by Lt. Col. William Allen. That in the
year 1777, I enlisted in the 3rd Regiment Pennsylvania
line commanded by Col. Thomas Craig for the period
of 3 years or during the war, such being the terms of
this enlistment, and faithfully served in said 3rd
Regiment for more than 3 years, and untill I became
sick and disabled, when I was lodged in the Hospital
in the city of Philadelphia, where being wholly crippled
with very severe rheumatic complaints, by the recommendation
of Dr. Benjamin Rush, I obtained a written discharge
from the army, from General Benedict Arnold, then
a commanding officer in the city of Philadelphia.
but this discharge with all the property I possessed, was
burnt with my dwelling house, at a place called
Williamsport on the west branch of the Susquehanna
in Pennsylvania some 25 or 26 years ago. That until recently
with a vigor of body, uncommon to a man of my years
I ___ ___ __ ______ (rest of line cut off on webpage)

John Shepherd pension documents 3

(continued from above)

I have ever since occasionally suffered, I am rendered
entirely helpless and wholly destitute of property
now dependent on charity for my support.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ by my infirmities
and poverty I ______ pray your honorable bodies
to be placed on the pension list of revolutionary

The State of Ohio
Cuyahoga County February 24, 1832

Personally appeared before me the above named
John Shepherd the signer of the foregoing petition
and to ___ ______ _____ and having been
duly sworn, made solemn oath that the facts
by him stated in the foregoing petition are true.

Sam Williamson

John Shepherd pension documents 2

This may certify that for several years past I
have been personally and familiarly acquainted with
the above named John Shepherd, and take pleasure
in stating, that his character for truth and veracity
for industry and good habits is irreproachable, that
by the community, in which he lives, he is held
in veneration, for his surprising age, and reputed
Revolutionary services, of which no doubt are
entertained. That being as he is now entirely
destitute of the means of support and in a
state of extreme poverty, much public feeling
exists in favor of his application to be placed
on the pension list.

Sam Starkweather
Cleaveland Ohio Feb 24 1832