John Shepherd Commemoration

I found this series of documents on To make it easier to read through these documents I have reformatted them as PDFs. Click on an image to see it full size.

Part 1: 19th Century: 1845-1855

Part 1 details how John Shepherd was denied a Pension for his service during the Revolutionary War. There are letters back and forth between various lawyers, civil servants and Members of the House of Representatives.

Part 2: 20th Century: 1905-1932

Part 2 contains letters from some of Shepherd's descendents asking for information about his case.

Part 1

Penn.    Shepherd, John     R.9485

(This appears to be the wrapper around the whole file.)

John Shepherd

Printed list of 1852 Rejected __ ______
_______ _______ gives cause
of suspension: Alleges over 3 years
in the Penn line
no trace or evidence
on any of the records of that
line appears to his credit.

Left column:

Oct 19 1905 Letter to
Mrs. Geo. L. Stevens, Three Oaks, Mich.

1934 Nov 21 Hist. to M. Becky Gordon ______

(These appear to be wrappers around the files from 1845 to 1848.)

No 37077

John Shepherd

Edward Oviatt
Sept 4th 1845
___ ___ ___
Oct 19 1848
to B. B. Chapman, May 23, '46
to Hon. J. R. Giddings

__ __ __

Act 7 June 1832

No 37077

John Shepherd

Act 7 June 1832


B.B Chapman

May 23 '45

Pension Office
May 23, 1845

In answer to your letter of February last, asking the copy of a letter in the case of John Shepherd, I have to state that the condition of the business of this office does not admit of his pertaining copies of papers in such cases. When a claimant changes his agent he should see that the previous correspondence connected with his claim ____ with the agency.

B.B.Chapman, Esq.
Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio


Pension Office
September 4th 1845

The papers in the case of John Shepherd under the Act of 7th June 1832 have been received and filed.

The regulations require that all claims shall be asserted before a Court of Record in open court unless from bodily infirmity they are unable to attend court, in that case a Judge of a Court may act by certifying to the particular disability. Shepherd's declaration was made before a Justice of the Peace which is not admissable. His claim must be asserted in accordance with the above regulations, before any further action can be had on it.

Claimant alleges he served upward of 3 years in the Pennsylvania Line under Captain Baird, Colonels Allen and Bule. No proof whatever to sustain his allegation has been poduced & Before his claim can be alleged he will be required to sustain the ____ by the revolutionary records at Harrisburg. and to give any satisfactory reason for having delayed to assert his

to this late day when the means the fact of his having delayed to assert his claim, to the __ __ when the means of establishing it by comrades ___ so rapidly diminishing, is well calculated to discredit his statement unless any satisfactory reason be assigned for such delay ___ individual 117 years old who writes his name with so much accuracy as John Shepherd does in signing his declaration, cannot be suffered to be ignorant of the promises made by Government for the rewarding of the ______ who served during the Revolutionary War.

Claimant's name is not found upon the list of men in the office, of the Pennsylvania Line.

Edward Oviatt, Esq.
Somerset Co.

Washington Dec. 4, 1845

Will you do me the favor to enclose the papers referred to in the enclosed letter of Mr. Oviatt that I may have them referred to the committee on invalid pensions.

Very truly
___ ___ ___
___ ____ Gidden

Colonel I. L. Edwards

Pen Off
Dec 19 '45

Sir: I have the honor to return you Mr. Oviatt's & and agreeably to its request enclose you the papers of John Shepherd. The objection to the informality of making his declaration before a Justice of the Peace instead of asserting it before a Court of record is among the least of the obstacles to the adjustment of his claim. He asserts that he served nearly four years in the Pa. Line of the Continental army and was discharged from the service while in the hospital upon a certificate of Dr. Rush obtained by his mother, who was one of the nurses of the Hospital. This statement (which covers the whole ground of his claim now asserted for the first time) is not only unsupported by any testimony in the papers, but is discredited

by the records in this office and at Harrisburg and by the fact that Dr. Rush resigned in January '78 and could not have given such a certificate in 1780 he alleges was the ground of his discharge after nearly four years service.

To Hon. D.R. Tilden, House of Representatives

March 4 1846

Re can

John Shepherd
Edward Obiatt

Hon. J. S. Edwards
Court of Pensions
Washington City

Elyria, Lorain Co, Ohio    July 24th, 1846

If the rules of your office will permit, you will please send me a copy of the letter addressed by you to Edward Oviatt of Akron Ohio in September or October last in answer to the application of John Shepherd of Royalton Cuyahoga co. Ohio for a pension under the act of 1832 since application made in July or August lost.

I am very Respectfully Bound
B. B. Chapman

Hon. J. S. Edwards
Court of Pensions


(This one is almost completely unreadable. I can get the date and the mention of John Shepherd, but nothing else. From other documents it appears to be asking for copies of teh papers.)

Washington City
March 18, 1848


John Shepherd

March 20 1848

John Shepherd

Wants copy of papers

Hon J. R. Gidding

25 March 1848

Hon. J. R. Giddings

Pension Office
March 25, 1848

Sir: In reply to your letter of 18th inst., requesting a copy of the papers of John Shepherd of Ohio, I have to inform you that the papers were forwarded to the Hon. D.R. Tilden, on the 19th of December 1845, since which time they have not been received at this office. Mr Jay's letter is herewith returned.

To Hon. J. R. Giddings, House of Representatives

Suspended case of

John Shepard of Royalton Ohio
Penn Line D37 349

____ Clerk March 6 55