John Shepherd Commemoration
John Shepherd Gravestone

Charles Phebus found John Shepherd's Petition for Pension from 1832.

It looks as if that Petition never was delivered or accepted for from 1845 to 1848 there are several letters between various lawyers, civil servants and Members of the House of Representatives detailing the eventual rejection of his claim. In the 20th century some of Shepherd's descendents write asking for information about his case.

Part 1: 1845-1855

Part 2: 1905-1932

John Shepherd was born in 1728 and died in 1846, living through an amazing time as the United States shed its colonial cloak and emerged as a free nation.

Program for the commemoration held in June 2010. Also you will find more info about the celebration at
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Article in local paper about the celebration.
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The following information is taken from the John Shepherd Family History book:

He served as a soldier during the French and Indian War. He was with Washington's troops at the celebrated battle of Braddock's Defeat.

For over three years he served as a soldier in the struggle of the colonies for independence.

His gravestone (above) is in the North Royalton Cemetery in North Royalton, Ohio. Click on the image to see a larger version. Thanks to Nancy Steele for the photo.

The following resources may help you trace your family tree back to John Shepherd.

John Shepherd Family History: a transcription of a family history book from 1913, which traces the families of his children.

John Shepherd, Jr., born 1789, died in War of 1812.

Margaret, born Apr. 29, 1791, died Jan. 23, 1871.

Christopher G., born Mar. 22, 1793, died Feb. 19, 1868.

William, born 1795, died 1865.

Jane, born Mar. 23, 1797, died May 27, 1876.

James, born Aug. 10, 1798, died June 6, 1860.

Rebecca, born 1803, died Sept. 17, 1862.

Isabelle, born 1804, died 1854.

Sarah, born July 28, 1805, died Nov. 28, 1882.