Charles Enos

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Charles (Amoret3, Margaret2, John1) is the eldest child of Amoret and Simeon Enos, and was born Aug. 28, 1851, at Royalton, Ohio. He attended the public schools there. He was married in Feb. 1880, to Miss Katherine Naaf, who was born Feb. 25, 1855, in Brooklyn, Ohio. She was the daughter of John and Barbara Naaf.

Mr. Enos resided in Royalton until 1902 with the exception of two years spent in Parma, the adjoining township. In 1902 he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he now resides.

Mr. Enos was a butcher by occupation until failing health compelled him to retire from business about 1906. He was inspector of meats for the city of Cleveland for a few years.


Robert, b. May 7, 1881.

Shirley Barbara, b. Oct.3, 1882.

Amoret Katherine, b. June 18, 1893.

Gertrude, b. June 18, 1893, d. July 20, 1895.

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Robert Enos

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Robert, (Charles4, Amoret3, Margaret2, John1) the first child of Charles and Kate Enos, was born in Royalton, Ohio, May 7, 1881. He attended public school in Parma and Royalton. After leaving school he entered the employ of the Cuyahoga Telephone Co., and is still with that company. He was married in March, 1910, to Miss Ada Stenz, of Cleveland. They reside in Cleveland.


Elizabeth, b. March 15, 1911.

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Shirley Barbara Enos

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Shirley B. (Charles4, Amoret3, Margaret2, John1) is the oldest daughter of Charles and Kate Enos. She was born Oct. 3, 1882, in Royalton, Ohio. She passed through the grammar and high schools of Cleveland, graduating from Lincoln High in 1901, and from the Cleveland Normal School in 1903. Since 1903 she has been a successful teacher in the Cleveland schools. Miss Enos is a skillful pianist.

She resides with her parents in Cleveland.

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Amoret Katherine Enos

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Amoret K., (Charles4, Amoret3, Margaret2, John1) the youngest child of Charles and Kate Enos, was born in Parma, Ohio, June 18, 1893. Her parents returned to Royalton, Ohio, in 1895. They moved to Cleveland in 1902. Amoret was educated in the schools of Cleveland. She graduated from Lincoln High School in June, 1912.

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