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From the John Shepherd biography:

    For a time they dwelt in Blackhole Valley, Pa. Then they moved to Williams Post. For a number of years their home was in Laurel Sock, Northumberland County, Pa. Here several of their children were born.

I believe that these place names are slightly in error. I think they should be Loyalsockville and Williamsport which are in central Pennsylvania and now part of Lycoming County. Blackhole Creek runs through Montgomery, so that is the likely place of Blackhole Valley. All of these places are within 10 miles of each other.

Loyalsock Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

From the Nettie Hoffman Martin biography:

    Nettie, the daughter of Ada and Louis Hoffman, was born Aug. 9, 1880, in Union City, Mich. She was married to Charles Martin, Oct. 4, 1889. They are farmers and reside near Union City, Mich. Mrs. Martin is a member of the M. E. Church in Union City.
    Children: Flavil, b. Sept. 2, 1902; Ila Laurene, b. Feb. 8, 1908.

I think there is a typing mistake in the date of marriage. It is probably 1898 or 1899. Otherwise she was married at 9 years of age. (My genealogy software caught that one.)

Cora Beels Housner

Emails from December 2004

    Good Afternoon,
    I was expanding my research into extended family lines in South Dakota and came across information which you had provided regarding the George and Cora (Beels) Housner family. I was excited to find birth dates but was confused by the years listed. For example, Lloyd Lewis Housner's birth (as listed by the State of South Dakota) is 16 May 1901. Your information has the same day and month but is off by 10 years (1891).
    I'm wondering if you would be so kind as to check your records and see if you can confirm one or the other of these dates?

    Thanking you in advance,
    John Smith

Hello John,
The information that I have is from a family history book which I have transcribed and put online: I would certainly go by the State records. I have found several errors in the book already and I am sure I will find more as I go along.

Bonnie Nilsen


Thank-you for your reply. My tie by the way is the marriage of Lloyd Housner to Lucy Chavers who was my Great Aunt.

Again, Thank-you,

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