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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005
From: Jackie Pierce
Subject: John Shepherd

I'm related to John Shepherd through the following ancestors: My father, Vorhis Jackson Blurton is the son of Nellie Grace Robinson Blurton, daughter of Olive4, Jane3, Jane2 and John1.

I have a book given to me by my mother of the Robinson family tree and it goes all the way back to John Shepherd. I have always wondered about Jane Elizabeth Gould and her Irish family, also John Shepherd's first wife and daughter. Have you ever found any information on them?

(Webmistress' note: This is a question I get asked most often and no, I'm sorry to say I haven't been able to trace back any further.)

By the way, Nellie Grace Robinson and Jessie Blurton had 11 children. I will list them in a later email.

A little history: I came to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in 1967 from California where my parents moved in 1944. I was born in Emmett, Idaho in 1939. I have 5 children and 14 grandchildren. I am the owner and publisher of the Whitehorse Star daily newspaper.

Jackie Pierce


Elwood Bovard

Harry Bovard

Martha Shaver Bovard


Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 20:00:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Brenda Butcher
Subject: Broadbent family

Hi again....I just had to write back and tell you that I went out and walked 3 cemeteries this past weekend and thought that you might like to know what I found.

Hayes Broadbent is my ggrandfather. He married Bertha Mae Cochran (I always thought the spelling was Mae not May, not sure). Anyway they are both buried in the Butler Cemetery, Custer Co., OK along with several of Hayes' siblings. I will list the names and the info that was on the gravestones:

Hayes: b. 1882, d. 1934 and Mae: b. 1884, d. 1973.

Olonzo Broadbent b. 6 Apr 1886, d 18 Aug 1936.

Fred Broadbent b. 1882, d. 1927 and his wife Annie b. 1882, d. 1965.

Infant Babes of Mr & Mrs G O Broadbent, no dates. It said Babes (plural) and there was an inscription on the stone that referred to them as plural. I am thinking that it may have been twins, just a guess. There are some twins in that side of the family.

Then there was Maud Broadbent Jones b. 27 Mar 1884, d. 31 Dec 1945 and her husband Lorenza Dow Jones b. 18 Apr 1878, d. 8 Dec 1958.

On the back of their stone was a list of three children with dates as follows: Lorenza Canfield, June 4 1906 - June 10 1910; Clara Margaret, June 7 1909 - Nov 24 1909; Howell Edward, Sept 10 1918 - Jan 1 1919.

Also another grave on the same plot was for a surname of Davis. Her name was Francis Maud Jones b. 10 Jan 1914 and his name was Robert Franklin b. 16 Nov 1912. Married 19 Jun 1975. I am assuming that this is a daughter of Maud and Lorenza Jones and a possible 2nd or 3rd husband.

Also in the same cemetery was Asenath Broadbent b. 6 May 1887, d. 17 Mar 1914. There was an inscription on his stone that read "Lydia, Asenath & Hattie are happy now. Together they roam the fields of light." From this I gather that by his death date of March 17 1914, he, Lydia and Hattie were all deceased.

I have a list of Hayes & Mae's children and some of the birth and death dates, etc. Plus more decendants from them. Hazel Jane (my grandmother) was the oldest. I have the complete line of descendants from her. The 2 youngest siblings are still living and I am going to meet with them soon to see what else they may remember. I almost forgot to tell you that they had one child older than my grandmother. Her name was Grace A Broadbent. She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Custer Co. OK. The dates on her stone are 1908 - 1910. She is buried in the same plot with Mae's parents, Robert T. Cochran and Mary J. Thrasher. The dates on their stone read Mary b. 1843, d. 1915 and Robert b. 1842, d. 1920. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them... I hope you can make some sense out of all this.


Asa Burroughs

The Pioneer Families of Cleveland, Vol 1
Author: Gertrude Van Rensselaer Wickham
Evangelical Publishing House, 1914
This 1914 first volume of a two-volume set begins with the settling in 1796, the first child born, first marriage, and is chronolgically told, sub-chaptered by family name.

Pages 80-81
David Burroughs, Sr., with his wife and seven children, arrived in Newburgh, in 1805, from New Hampshire. He came from an old New England family of English descent. He was married and lived in Vermont, but had removed to New Hampshire, where he spent a few years.

The family lived in a small red house on the west side of Woodhill Road, nearly opposite the Edwards tavern. Mr. Burroughs was a blacksmith, and his smithy adjoined his dwelling.

The maiden name of his wife has not been obtained.

He had nine children, most of whom, before or after their marriage, removed to other towns of this county, or to Western states.

They were:
Sarah Burroughs, m. Alonzo Pangburn.
David Burroughs, b. 1791; m. Clara Edwards, daughter of Rudolphus Edwards.
Allen Burroughs, m. Betsey Honey.
Asa Burroughs, m. Rebecca Shepard, in 1819.
Miranda Burroughs, b. 1800; m. Jesse Tuttle.
Levi Burroughs, married and lived in Findlay, Ohio.
Newcomb Burroughs, m. Laura Therford, of Geauga Co., Ohio.
Eunice Burroughs, m. Ira Pratt.
Betsey Burroughs, m. William White, of Bedford, Ohio.

David Burroughs, Jr., was about 14 years old when his parents removed to Newburgh. He learned the blacksmith trade of his father, married Clara Edwards, the daughter of a neighbor, removed to town, and set up a blacksmith shop of his own on Superior Street--north-west corner of Seneca. His advertisement of the fact appeared in the Cleveland Herald. It read:

"David Burrough's shop will be known by THE SIGN OF THE ANCHOR AND THE SOUND OF THE HAMMER."

Nearly across the street was located his rival, Uncle Abram Hickox, whose sign was a man on horseback, and under it:


The Burroughs family were best remembered while living in town by their big flock of geese that disported in the puddles on Superior Street after a shower, or, roaming at will, sometimes intimidated women and children by their hissing remonstrances when any one blocked their way. The family also possessed other creatures pertaining usually to farm life--such as pigs who ran the streets under protest of the immediate neighbors. However, Uncle David may have felt that the little village was not far removed from country life, and that some people were putting on city airs not sustained by local conditions.

Mr. and Mrs. Burroughs were a very estimable couple, kind and friendly to every one. Mrs. Burroughs was a stout woman, with the good nature that usually accompanies embonpoint--a faithful mother and a kind friend in need. The family finally returned to the heights of Newburgh, leaving their town neighbors minus geese, plus malaria.

The children of David and Clara Edwards Burroughs:
Cyrus Burroughs, married and removed to Kenosha, Wis.
Alfred Burroughs, married in Casenovia, N. Y. Removed to Kenosha, and became a bridge-builder and contractor.
Mary Burroughs, m. Lyman Fay, her aunt Rhoda's step-son. They removed to Kenosha, Wis.
Stephen Burroughs, b. 1828; m. Susan Newbury, of Wheatland, Wis. He became a noted bridge-builder--had charge of all bridge construction of the North Western R. R.
Lorenzo Burroughs, went to Kenosha, in the 40's, and married there.
Phebe Burroughs, m. Orin Houghton, a banker, living in Hampton, Neb.
Gideon Burroughs. No record of him.

Researcher: Bonnie Nilsen (thanks to info from Victor Burroughs)

Asa Levi Burroughs

Asa's wife's name was Childers not Childress.

Ellen Elizabeth Engle Canniff

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003

Hello Bonnie,
I found the final resting place of George and Ellen Canniff yesterday. They are at Woodvale Cemetery in Berea Ohio on Engle Road. They are buried up front by Engle Road across from a brick house and the address of the brick house is 7492 Engle Road. If you use GPS the mark is 41 degrees 21.711 North and 081 degrees 49.504 West. Also find as an attachment pictures of the military marker for George. The monument in the right of the picture is their family marker but it is so badly worn it is almost unreadable.


Jerry Young

Delilah Randall Crankshaw

From an email dated: Sat Mar 17, 2001
Subject: Re: CRANKSHAW

Thanks for your reply. I don't have a great deal to offer, as my connection is only thru the Crankshaws, but here's what I have. It will fill in a few dates and places for you. Yes, feel free to share. That's the way we all gain. And, if you find anything to add back, I would be grateful. I have also attached a scan of the photo of David Crankshaw who married Delilah Randall. It was supplied to me by Muriel Wassman of NJ who used to correspond with Kathryn Teeple in Calif.

David was in the Civil War, 49th Reg. Ill., joined at Camp Butler, Ill., son of William & Rachel (Shaw) Crankshaw of NJ to Twinsburg, Ohio.

Modified Register for David CRANKSHAW

First Generation
1. David CRANKSHAW was born on 17 Apr 1839 in Belleville, NJ. He died in Jan 1906 in OH. Served in Civil War. Enlisted 1 Jan. 1862, Co. F, 49th Reg. Illinois Infantry, at Camp Butler, 5 miles from Springfield, IL. In 1870 at Alliance Pct, Stark Co., OH p. 295. I have pension application dated March 20, 1898 at Akron, NY when he lived at 716 East Buchtel Ave. He worked for the railroad.

David married Delilah Medora RANDALL, daughter of Tristian RANDALL and Emily ENGLE, on 31 Dec 1865 in Twinsburg, Summit Co., OH. Delilah was born on 10 Apr 1846 in Royalton, OH. She died on 23 Oct 1927 in Stark Co., OH. She went to Mt. Union College.

David and Delilah had the following children:

Sara Bradford CRANKSHAW "Sadie" was born on 16 Jan 1867.

Emily Abigail CRANKSHAW was born on 6 Jun 1869 and died on 19 Jul 1920.

Cora Belle CRANKSHAW was born on 3 Sep 1871 in Alliance, Summit Co., OH. 1898-Chicago, IL. Cora married Edwin L. CHANDLER.

Second Generation

Sara Bradford CRANKSHAW "Sadie" (David) was born on 16 Jan 1867 in Akron, Summit Co., OH. 1898-Canton, Stark Co., OH. Sara married William Frederick Daniel GAUCHAT on 5 Aug 1891.

They had the following children:

Harry Wallace GAUCHAT was born on 3 May 1892 in OH. He died in Apr 1984 "of" Paris, OH.(SSDI)

Paul Crankshaw GAUCHAT was born on 23 Jul 1893 in OH. He died in Mar 1979 "of "Girard, Trumbull Co., OH. (SSDI) Grad. Ohio State Univ., College of Medicine, Class of 1916.

Emily Abigail CRANKSHAW (David) was born on 6 Jun 1869 in Akron, Summit Co., OH. She died on 19 Jul 1920 in Akron, Summit Co., OH. 898-Barberton, Summit Co., OH. Emily married Oliver Perry TEEPLE on 25 Jun 1895. Oliver was born in Akron, Summit Co., OH. He died on 29 Oct 1939 in OH.

Oliver and Emily had the following children:

Chester David TEEPLE was born on 25 Apr 1896 in OH. He died in Dec 1980 in Akron, Summit Co., OH. Chester married Vera MILLER.

[This may be the Elvira Teeple who was b. 12 Oct. 1887 and d. May 1976 Canton, OH 44708 (in SSDI).]

Kathryn Susan TEEPLE was born on 2 Dec 1904 in OH. She died in Apr 1987 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., CA. She lived at 1715 Spruce St. #10 Berkeley, CA 94709

Researcher: Dave Crankshaw

Edward M. Denz

From an email dated Sat, 20 Oct 2001
From: Emily J Nix

Edward M. Denz born June 1862 Selinsgrove, Snyder Cty, PA son of Englebert and Amelia Denz. Four brothers and three sisters. Died of Diabetes 8/6/1924 in Jonesville, Michigan.

Lucy Burroughs Elliott

Lucy Burroughs Elliott died in 1861 in Oakland County, Michigan.

Son Harry in 1870 census living with Aunt Mary Elliott (Pepper) in Springfield Township, Oakland County. Daughter Helen M. Elliott was not found at that time.

Harry S. Elliott lived in Oakland County most all his life and was the School Commissioner for all of Oakland Co. Harry Elliott died June 30, 1909 in Oxford, Michigan. He had one child Josephine E. Elliott b. July 1893 in Oxford, Michigan.

Helen M. Elliott married Spencer D. Albright. I found her in 1880 Michigan census in Montcalm County. They had two children: Helen C. Albright b. Nov. 6. 1877 Montcalm County, Michigan and Kate Albright b.1879 in Montcalm County, Michigan.

Researcher: Roger Elliott

John Elmer Engle

Date: Jul 4, 2007
Subject: Margaret Gordon Engle

Son John Elmer Engle, Son Horace (TED) Chester Engle, had two sons (twins) and Ardys Lille Engle who Married Charles Ira Carpenter, they had Three Sons, Charles Ira Jr., Don Lee Ray, and Arleigh Joe.


Annie Augusta Engle French

Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002
Subject: French Connection to Shepherd family

"...I have very reliable information on the French connection.

My Grandfather, Albert James French, who is 97 years old and is still living, is the only surviving son of James Albert French. This is the French that you are seeking. James Albert had two families as Annie Augusta Engle French died in Petosky in 1895 and then he married Elizabeth Sims in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1898. My grandfather is a product of the second marriage and has the family bible in his possession.

James Albert French married Augusta Ann Engle, 22 Feb 1875 in Homer, Calhoun County Michigan. I have checked this personally at the court house in Marshall, Calhoun county, Michigan, I have further information on this marriage and its children, as I am researching this for my grandfather.

P.S. Annie Augusta Engle French is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Tekonsha, Calhoun County, Michigan."

John S. Gordon also see Civil War Heroes

From: "Dean and Pauline Sears" <>
Subject: Shepherd/Gordon
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001

...about John S. Gordon in the Civil War. I have now found my answer - his 3rd wife was the Civil War Pension receiver. So, no need to answer. However, due to William Gordon and Sarah Shepherd - we may be related. William and Sarah would be my 3-great grandparents. Their son, John S. Gordon, married (Emily) Hannah Ellis and their daughter, Emma J. Gordon, married James Deller, and they had a son William Roswell Deller who is my grandfather.

Adeline Miranda Engle Lawrence

Date: April 6, 2007
From: Dedaz


My gr. gr. gr. grandfather, Joel Lawrence married Adeline Engle. In your family web site I found that Adeline raised my gr. grandmother Addie. I had been searching for months to find who raised Addie.

Addie's real name is Adaline Maria Wetherwax.  At the age of three her mother and 7 year old brother died in a fire (1877). Her father, John Wetherwax gave his two young daughters to family members to raise. I knew Addie/Adaline went to the Lawrence side of the family, but didn't know to what member of the family. I know now, thanks to you. In your information you said that Addie married in 1898 and from that time Mrs. Lawrence made her home with her. Do you by chance know who Addie married?

Addie also had a child out-of-wedlock in 1892. We are not sure what name she gave him. She gave him up in infancy to a home in Cleveland. He lived with foster parents by the name of Bliss. The Bliss family gave him the name Archie Paul Bliss. We think Addie gave him the name Archie but we are not sure. And we have no idea who his father was.

Addie married George Humphrey in 1904. She had three children.

Any information you might be willing to share with me about Addie and Adeline's history will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Floyd Stanley Lindsley

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004
From: dap6265

To further the history of John Shepard's Genealogy, I offer this addition.

Floyd Stanley Lindsley married Dorothy Byers and produced 3 children, John, David, and Donald. John married Josephine Bradshaw and produced 4 sons, John Michael, Thomas, James and myself. If you need any additional info or if you have any other information please feel free to email me.

Thank you,
Dan Auld-Proctor

Othniel Lucre Lupton

Original email from: James Bishop

Hello Bonnie,
I found someone on your ancestral tree that I'm interested in. It was Othniel Lucre LUPTON b: 10 JUN 1849.

I had quite a group of family cabinet cards passed down to me that were all taken by an O.L. Lupton, photographer in Burlington, Iowa.

I found an O. L. Lupton age 60 in the 1910 census living in Burlington, Iowa, whose birthplace was Indiana.

My guess is that it was your Othniel Lucre Lupton. Do you have any information or knowledge that he was a photographer there, and if so, what years?

I suspect that those pictured in the photographs were relatives of my grandmother who was a BROCKWAY and I've traced lots of their relatives to Burlington, Iowa back in the mid 1800's through to the present.

Thanks for any help you might have,
Jim in FL


My reply:


I have transcribed a family history and put it online and yes, Othniel was a photographer:

Othniel Lucre Lupton

I would love to see some of his photos and put them on the website if that is alright with you.


James' reply:

Thanks so much, that is a great help. The dates help me narrow down the years on the photographs I have from LUPTON, and may be helpful in identifying the subjects.

I'm attaching those I have which were photographed by Lupton in Burlington, Iowa. (See the photos here.)

James Bishop

McGawn Family

Dear Bonnie,

I found your website online while doing research for my 11-yr. old brother for a family history project he has to do at school. We live in Augusta, GA.

Here is my family history:
John Shepherd
daughter, Jane Beels
daughter, Harriet Eliza Beals Stevens
daughter, Gertrude May Stevens McGawn
daughter, Alice Gertrude McGawn (b. October 13, 1897, d. September 1982) married Harold Benjamin Veneklasen
son, Morris Berend Veneklasen (b. April 16, 1932, d. November 14, 1984) married Rachel Elizabeth Pearson (4/2/34)
daughter, Christie Veneklasen (b. 12/10/58) married Ronnie Michael Popplewell
daughter, Allison Rebecca Popplewell (b. 10/13/82) to be married to Christopher James Davis on 6/11/05.

My grandfather, Morris Berend had a twin brother, George Lyman Veneklasen. My mother, Christie has a brother, Clay Berend Veneklasen (b. 12/19/69). He is married to Stephanie Elaine Wilson, and they have a three year old daughter, Jordan Layne Veneklasen (b. 4/5/00). My parents had three children, myself, Adrienne Rachel Popplewell (b. 1/30/86) and Evan Michael Popplewell (b.10/13/92).

I hope this information helps you update your site and your records. My grandmother, Rachel knows a lot of the family history on my grandfather's side of the family. Please let me know if you are interested in any of this. We also have pictures.

Thanks, Allison Popplewell

McGawn Family

To Whom It May Concern,

Upon Reviewing Your webpage, in regards to Alice Gertrude McGawn You have Her birthdate as November 13 1897.CORRECT Date is OCTOBER 13, 1897 as informed by My Mother(daughter-in-law to 'Alice Gertrude Mcgawn-Veneklasen'. I have noticed Her death record and other some public records with the wrong month. It appears that some of your information has November as birth month and some list October. I can understand some older records can be miscalculated sometimes. I just thought this Might Help You in Further investigations in the history of The Family. Thanks !!

Here is some addtional info:

Alice Gertrude Mcgawn - Veneklasen
   Son = Morris Berend Veneklasen (wife. Rachel Pearson Veneklasen)
      Son of Morris = Clay Berend Veneklasen (b. 12-19-1968)
         4 Children of Clay B. Veneklasen and Stephanie Wilson Veneklasen (b. 12-03-1976)
              Jordan Layne Veneklasen (b. 03-05-2001)(female)
             Anna Jacklyne Veneklasen (b. 05-22-2005)(twin)(female)
              Kaitlyne Marie Veneklasen (b. 05-22-2005)(twin)(female)
              Christopher Berend Veneklasen (b. 06-14-2006 )(male)

Clay Berend Veneklasen

Dorothy Peterson

Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001
Subject: WorldConnect: Post-em posted
Database: bnilsen
Individual: I884
Name: Jenny Mensior

Dorothy had two children by the names of Joan Louise English and Darlene English. Joan Married Ray Lester Jenkins. They had four children Edwin, Raynell, Julie and Melinda.

Inez Voorhees

Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002
Subject: Re: We are related - or hello "cousin"!
From: Frank & Jennifer Dolce <>

Inez Voorhees married Francis Charles Dolce and had 4 children.

Dorothy, Margorie, Betty and Floyd (my father).

Floyd Wayne Dolce b. Lusk, WY. Nov. 21st 1926 married Virginia Halkiopoulo (b. Oct. 6 1926 Alexandria, Egypt - d. Billings MT, Nov. 14th 2000)

Two sons.
Frank Andrew Dolce b. Sept. 23rd 1954 , Laramie WY
Mark Anthony Dolce b. April 22, 1958 - Fullerton, CA

Frank A. Dolce married Jennifer Lizette Lundbye (b. July 12th 1960 Ventura, CA) in Santa Barbara, CA Sept. 4th 1982. They have one child - Alexandra Dahl Dolce b. Los Angeles, CA 1990.

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004
From: Shwaine

My great grandmother gave me her aunt's copy of the book which has many corrections in it. I'll begin each correction by page number and person to whom the corrections apply. If you have any questions, email me.

Melissa Danforth

Lovenia Beels Walker (p.102)

* The last line about her husband deserting her was struck out, but no indication as to if this was because it was untrue or if was unsavory to my aunt and/or grandmother. I suspect the latter.

* The line "Buried at Independence Iowa Oak Grove Cemetary" is below the entry.

* The children have many corrections (note that all these corrections are what is shown in the individual child's biography, just the summary under Lovenia's entry is not correct):

    - Leon L. birth date is Sept 2, 1874
    - Belle M. birth date is July 16, 1876
    - Edward should be Edwin, birth date is June 13, 1879
    - Erwin should be Irwin, Irwin birth date is June 13, 1879

Loretta May Walker (p.104)

* Line "Her home has been with her grandmother Walker" has been replaced with "Mr. and Mrs. James Dalton".

Mary Belle Walker Heimendinger (p. 105)

* In the second paragraph, the lines "In 1901 she was married again to Harry M. Heimendinger. They soon removed to Butte, Mont" was changed. Before that was added the line "She moved to Butte, Mont. in Oct 1897". The part "They soon removed to" was struck out and replaced with "of".

* The child Harold W had the birth and death years changed to b. 1897 and d. 1898

Edwin Horatio Walker (p.106-107)

* In the first paragraph, the parts about Edwin living on the farm near Independence until he was 20 and moving to Waterton when he was 20 were changed to show that these events occured when he was 16, not 20.

* His wife's maiden name is spelled McQuay, not McQuigg as noted in the book.

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