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John Shepherd Family History

The information on this website is taken from a history of the John Shepherd family published in 1913 in Cleveland, Ohio. The book was given to me by my father, Frank Nilsen, and was passed on to him by his mother Hazel Putt Nilsen.

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I have run across several files which say that Isaac and Sarah (Cheney) Shepherd were the parents of John Shepherd, but I believe that info is wrong.

I first ran across the info on this website many years ago: Rootsweb-Harrison LaTour

Since this keeps coming up again and again, and is being passed as hints on various genealogy sites, I did some research and here is what I have found.

I use WikiTree as my main source these days as I believe that it has the most accurate info of the many sources out there.

I looked up Isaac Shepard:

  • Isaac and Sarah lived in Massachusetts. Our John Shepherd grew up near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Isaac and Sarah didn't get married until 1729. Our John Shepherd was born in 1728.
  • Isaac Shepard had 6 sons: Jonathon (born in 1730), Daniel, Isaac, Nathaniel, Thomas and Solomon. None were named John.

If you have any other info about this family please let me know, but for now I will not be adding Isaac and Sarah as John's father and mother.
Thanks, Bonnie

The Ancestry site for this family is here.

A basic genealogy reference: Genealogy Links.

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Thank you to Nancy Steele for this photo of John Shepherd's gravestone, taken in May 2010. The City of North Royalton and descendant Charles Phebus have recently put a new base under the gravestone. Click on it to go to a larger image. Note that the spelling of the name on the stone is John Shepard and the dates do not matched those mentioned in the book.

John Shepherd Commemoration held in North Royalton, June 2010

Shepherd Family Researchers - have a look at these resources:

Online Reunion - a place where we can list our contact info.

Beyond the Book Corrections, Additions, Civil War Heroes
Look for the "Beyond the Book" image to take you to information that has been found since the book was published. This may include corrections to the original text as well as further information about descendants of people in the book.

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John Shepherd's descendants and their families

Photos from the book

Surnames in alphabetical order

(Note: Women are listed by their married names)

Place names by country and state

PDF of John Shepherd Book

After many requests I have finally gotten around to scanning the John Shepherd Family History book and re-creating it in PDF format. (Get Adobe Reader here.)

The book is very large (112MB) and will take quite awhile to download.   Download here.

I have scanned every page and have used image editing software (Photoshop), to clean up the age spots and notes in the margins. I've enlarged the photos. I've deleted unnecessary blank pages throughout and have removed the pages at the back which were for recording Births, Marriages and Deaths.

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Residential genealogy - tracing some of my family's roots through the homes they used to live in.

Burroughs Descendants

I have been researching the BURROUGHS family for about 25 years. There were a number of BURROUGHS who lived in the 1600s and early 1700s, and many of them were named John. I recently started a project at Family Tree DNA to try and determine which of these branches are closely related. Family Tree DNA is one of the leaders in the new field of DNA testing for genealogy research. If we can get one or two volunteer descendants from each of the branches, then we should be able to tie together some of the BURROUGHS families.

DNA is sort of a misnomer for the test used for genealogy, because the test just involves looking at a man's Y-chromosome. This chromosome is passed exactly from father to son, with only an occasional random mutation. This makes it perfect for studying a surname. If two living men with the same surname have very similar Y-chromosomes, then they have a common paternal ancestor within a handful of generations.

So far, one possible descendant of John of Enfield has been tested. His Y-chromosome matched very well with a descendant of John BURROUGHS of Newtown, NY. Maybe John of Newtown was an uncle of John of Enfield. We need to find a definite descendant of John of Enfield to know for sure. Would you be willing to help find a participant from our branch of the family? It has to be a male with the surname BURROUGHS. The test is easy, painless, and handled by mail.

Steve Warling

P.S. I don't receive anything from Family Tree DNA for being the group administrator of the BURROUGHS project. I'm doing it because of my interest in genealogy. I have also been the administrator of another group for about a year, and we have made some exciting discoveries.